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In the field of mining, Arex’s products have a wide range of applications, by virtue of the advantages of wear and corrosion resistance, we produce a large number of rubber and plastic products which are used in mining and mineral processing machinery. By taking advantage of the properties of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, such as rubber and polyurethane, the mining machinery and equipment are fully protected, and the damage to the surface or interior of the equipment caused by other factors, such as ore, is minimized, thus increasing the service life of the equipment, reduce the frequency of replacement of equipment and accessories. Arex’s products are mainly used in mining and crushing systems, ore screening systems, grinding and crushing systems, pipeline connection systems, stone delivery systems, etc. Rubber and polyurethane products can be customized according to customer requirements or specific equipment characteristics, material characteristics can also be adjusted according to the type of ore and specific working environment, which all concentrate to maximize the use of equipment and accessories efficiency and reduce the intensity of work. The working environment in mines is often harsh, and the consumption cost of mining machinery operation is relatively large. According to the characteristics of different mining machinery, Arex has designed the corresponding rubber and plastic products, and on this basis to upgrade the equipment products, to guide the Mine Company to complete the replacement of equipment parts. As a long-term supplier in this field, Arex has a number of patent technology and equipment improvement experience, full service to a variety of customer needs. High-quality services and cost-effective products have also been widely recognized by international customers. Arex adhere to the principle of quality first, reputation first, produce the best products to customers, bring protection for the interests of customers.





Post time: Dec-02-2020