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Arex’s products are extremely adaptable in the industrial field. Our products are often presented as large parts or small integrated devices in the work of industrial company equipment or systems, most of the accessories or products play an important role in the operation of the equipment or system. Such as a variety of pipe valves, or equipment running agitator accessories. Taking advantage of the characteristics of rubber and plastic products, combined with the specific use environment and working conditions, Arex Company will adjust the advantages of its own products to the best, the greatest extent to adapt to different types of working mode, reduce the equipment or the system operation may appear the risk, the extension service life. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the protection of the metal parts of the equipment or system, such as the corrosion resistance of rubber and plastic products, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, anti-ultraviolet and so on. The systems and equipment used by Arex can be improved and upgraded upon request, and the necessary solutions can be provided to customers with relatively little experience. With the help of rich work experience accumulation, combined with the actual implementation of the case before, our technical team and production team will put quality first, thoroughly solve customers in industrial production difficulties, reduce the customer in the production of unnecessary losses.





Post time: Dec-02-2020