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In the field of construction, Arex’s products embody unique advantages. In the pipe connection system, our technical team can make improvements to the pipe material according to the actual situation of the customers, aiming at different circulation media, for example, for Metal expansion joint products, we can add rubber or plastic draft tube to the inner wall according to the circulating medium, to avoid the metal parts being corroded by liquid directly. Arex use metal and non-metal materials products combined to make full use of the characteristics of different materials, to produce a composite product with multiple characteristics. In the whole process of construction, whether it is the transportation and processing of sand and stone in the early stage or the supplement of pipeline system in the middle and late stage, the products with the compound characteristics of metal and rubber-plastic materials can be seen everywhere. With the development and deepening of the construction industry, we believe that Arex’s products can provide more customers with an important supplement to the work of the industry. Customers can also customize and design products according to their own needs. Arex will provide necessary technical support and team service for customers in need.



Post time: Dec-02-2020